Monday, February 14, 2011

Still Valentines

Women need least I do. Years ago that is one thing we sought.  However, I suppose now it is so rare that females don't expect it.  Instead they champion their careers for that purpose.

 I have my degree and was a teacher, but when my husband began earning enough for me to stay at home, I was very happy to do so.  There was no fear that he would leave me floundering without an income.  It must be very sad to live like many couples do today, wondering if they will be married next year or back in the dating scene.

 Our constitution provides for our security, but as you know, the government has decided that it is not necessary to protect it's citizens from those who would cross our borders and cause havoc.  They would rather pour money down the drain than take care to keep us safe.

We will continue trying to get our leaders to straighten up, but  our true security is in God.  He does not protect us from all accidents or evil, but He gives us peace to handle each situation knowing that He has ultimate control and He wins in the end.

  Praise God for His love today at Valentine's Day and every day...every hour.

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