Sunday, February 27, 2011

A LIttle Winter Break

What could be more fun than taking off a few days and flying to Sanibel Island with friends? I wouldn't know.  But whatever you choose, It would probably not be any more entertaining than my friends.

It could only have been better if the weather had been really cold at home like it has been most of the winter.  We left Ohio and LOTS of snow on a Thursday and Friday it was warm in OH.  It was nice the whole time we were away.  But on the day we returned,  there was ice and snow again., just in time for our arrival. We rode home from the airport with Phyllis, who was drenched in freezing rain when she went for her car.  We had treacherously icy roads all the way to Phyllis' house, where I spent the night since it was about 12:30 AM when we got there.  I didn't want Ron to drive up to get me at that time of night with icy roads.  

There are treacherous roads ahead for the United States.  Hold on and pray for deliverance. .

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