Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Birds

One of my favorite things about winter is sitting in a nice warm chair watching the birds flit around and feed off the seeds I haul home for them.

I like to keep track of all the species I see.  The day this was taken was the first time I'd seen a woodpecker perched on the feeder near the pond.  As a larger bird, he would not be coming closer to my window. These bigger birds avoid the smaller feeder near the window that I fill with the tiny little seeds.  I do enjoy the close up view of the little birds  as  they look into my one way window as if to stare at me.

Although I like to 'secretly spy' on these feathered beings, sometimes it makes me a little uncomfortable when I see cameras at many of the intersections and other locations pointed at me.  I realize it can be for my protection in one way or another, but it just seems weird.  I always want to check my hair.

 Seriously, this is a good day to work on the computer.  I'll find out who won the game later.

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