Thursday, September 30, 2010

Summit Tea Party

It has been about two weeks since we went to our last Tea Party. It was on the 18th. That night I told you about the very wise man who spoke to us...the one I thought was the best there. His name is Theodore Wilson and his picture is in the circle at your top left.

I love all the signs that we see at these 'parties'. The one I most appreciated that day is in the lower right hand corner. It says: "My grandparents left Europe to escape socialism. Now where do I go???????" At the bottom, it says, "I'm the NRA and I vote."

I always think it interesting to see the people: young and old, male and female, some seem like they may be rich and others not, they are black and white and of Asian decent. We all need freedom to thrive.

Have you heard about the black lady who is running for Congress in California? She is an example of those who fell into the sexual revolution in the 60's. She had three abortions, but when she went for her fourth, the thought overwhelmed her that it just had to be wrong to kill these babies. She gave birth as a single mother. Some time later she was introduced to Christianity and made a complete turn around. She went back to school and got degrees in business management and international business. She has been an entrepreneur for 25 years. She is a success story. She says she did what anyone can do in this country if they desire and apply themselves to learn. I love hearing her speak. Learn more about her here:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Percy Priest Lake

Ever wonder about how a place got it's name? This one arouses my curiosity. Think I'll have to google it to check.

Chelle has been quite successful at getting good pictures of the triplets lately and she has taken it quite seriously. And I'm a very thankful grandmother. In this picture the triplets are at a park they had not visited before at the end of the dam on Percy Priest Lake.

Those pictures keep coming faster than I can scrapbook them, but I'm not complaining.

I am however complaining about a lot these days. And Pelosi is near the top of my complaint list. Since there were enough votes to continue all the Bush tax cuts, she is preventing the vote on it.

If that wasn't enough, she is now recommending another new tax that would hit EVERYONE. It is a 1% tax on every transaction with banks, savings and loan,etc. That is 1% going in and 1% going out. Can you just imagine how that would add to all our taxes? November can't come soon enough.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

April in July

If I thought I could learn how to use it, I would love to have an IPhone. I've told you about watching Caleb play over the IPhone. Tonight at dinner Teresa whipped out her IPhone and showed us some pictures. Then she took a picture of her birthday cake and sent it to her daughter.

About a week ago April was at work and someone took a picture of her with her IPhone and she 'phoned' it to us right away. How great it is to see our kids this way when they are so far away... She is the closest, but still 6 hours from us.

Well, I'm off to another endeavor now. I've been on a roll making layouts and have more I want to do before bed time. Will be back to the blog tomorrow night.

May God bless you all and keep you safe.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happiness Is...

Usually I do not wake up cheerfully. I need a little pick me up in the morning , so this picture just warms my heart.

It was so cool to see this on my husband's IPhone this past weekend. What a joyful thing to wake up in the morning and see smiles like these. Two of a kind, these guys. Their smiles are much more than skin deep. I was happy to find this quote by Democritus. It fits the layout so well.

IPhones are super phones. From wherever we happen to be,we can sit and talk to our son and his wife, Beth and Caleb in Colorado. We can actually watch Caleb play. John can also send us videos. It certainly makes it much easier to be at peace with them living so far away.

And speaking of peace, I'm sure that peace will come about in Iran soon, since Ahmadinejad met with the Black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan while he was in this country. What happened to the term treason? Is it no longer in use?

I guess it must not be, otherwise Barbara Walters would not have honored Jane Fonda on ABC's A Celebration:100 Years of Great Women.

It is okay to get mad about this type of thing. Just don't lose your cool. Americans will be joining together, men and women, rich, middle class and poor, black and white, yellow and red in November to defeat those who have taken us down this path to destruction. Just keep your eyes open to all they do while talking like things are so much better than they are. Also know that since they don't have anything of substance to say about themselves, they are stooping very low to slander all the good candidates who at this point are ahead in the polls.

Don't get complacent. We have to get out the vote. I'm sure there will be many votes that are not legal. That has been the liberal game plan in the past and it won't do anything but get worse.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Mega Plant

Last night we compared Caleb to his dad at the same age, 7 months. Tonight we are checking out the change in a Philodendron plant we had when John was 7 months old with what it looks like today. It is my Mega Plant. If I didn't have a great room, there would be no place to keep it. But I'm glad to have it here. It covers a large expanse of floor that looks rather bare without it.

Today Ron and I went to hear his cousin preach his farewell sermon. He is retiring and moving to Florida for the winters. He has done a wonderful job building a small church into a large one. One reason it has grown so well is, he does not hesitate to preach the Bible as it is. His sermons are on the point. He can hit you hard with the truth and yet help everyone realize that God offers grace and salvation for all who will follow him. He also laces his sermons with humor.
Today he concluded his lesson by saying that our country is in the mess it is in now because we have not obeyed his law. And I say a big amen to that.

And then there are some of us who really try to do what God would want us to do.

In the Bible study I'm doing with the Beth Moore book on the Psalms of Accent, I read a passage this morning, written on the Jewish pilgrimage to Jerusalem: "Have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy on us, for we have endured much contempt. We have endured much ridicule from the proud, much contempt from the arrogant. " Psalms 123:3-4

As Conservative Christians, we have been living under a cloud of contempt from the arrogant in our political parties. But we must remember that we are on God's side. "If God is for us, who can be against us?" Romans 8:31

Saturday, September 25, 2010

MacDonald's Cheeseburger and Fries

Just a layout to show you a barn that is a comfort to me. I love barns and this is the one I see most often, only because it is within the city limits. Being a Buckeye most of my life, I love the gently rolling hills. And the white fence reminds me of the horse country of Kentucky. All beautiful to me.

Wanted you to know that I ate a double cheeseburger, french fries and had a root beer for Michelle Obama today. I know she must crave them, but it would be hard in her position to sneak into a MacDonald's without being found out. Poor dear, she has to eat in all those 5 star restaurants and then at home she can't even cook herself a hamburger with so many highly paid chefs in the kitchen! I hope she appreciates it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Is That Me?

There is a striking resemblance. Wish I had pictures of them with the same expression, but I don't.
And I just had to make a layout comparing father and son. There is 30 years and two weeks difference in their ages. Of course from my perspective, there couldn't be any cuter kids anywhere. I have other grandsons who are just as cute, but none cuter!

I am so glad they have been born in a Christian nation. May the God of truth and light bless them all their days.

Our local newspaper today published a letter to the editor that stated our present situation so well: "Whether the United States is a Christian nation today lies in the hearts of its citizens.
This is something that cannot be taken away by any court or legislature."

How true. We can still be the same nation, no matter what any official claims.

I hope you are watching Glenn Beck at every opportunity and asking others to do so as well.
On today's show he talked to people who had lived in Germany when Hitler took over. Many of the same things are already being done in this country. We fight back or either lose our lives or live a nightmare.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Instructions if you have not found Pledge to America

I've copied this address directly from the address for Pledge to America. And it works for me. But when I tried from the last blog entry it didn't work. I may have written it incorrectly.Perhaps if you copy this into your browser, it will come up for you just fine. If not, you can always google it. Of course the Democrats have their useless comments that pop up at the head of the google page, but just remember. What they say doesn't matter. It is how they vote.

Tracking My LIfe

I'll be a while on this project. I'm not sure if anyone will want to look at this whole book besides me, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the process. I had never more than glanced at many or these pictures before. Now they raise many questions and I wish there was a source somewhere on earth with the answers.

I do know for sure that I was 29 months old when I wrote this 'letter'. I don't really know how old I was when these pictures were taken. A few of my pictures have the age on the back, so I'm guessing by comparing to those. I'm sure sometimes I'm off, so mostly I'm just putting them somewhat in order by how they look to me.

I am happy when things are written down. My husband learned from being in business "If it isn't written, it doesn't exist". That could be said about the promises that were made to us in the '08 election. Hope, Change, etc. but nothing precise was written. No plans least none for which we would have voted.

Today the Republican Party released its Pledge to America, 21 pages of written promises and plans for producing those promised results. We are blessed to have bright and honest men whom we can trust to bring out the Constitution, carry these out and take us back to the country which had thrived for a couple of centuries before falling prey first to Liberals who took us down the path to Socialism and then full out Marxists who are destroying all the wealth we all had worked to produce and the freedoms for which so many of our fine young men have fought and died.

You can read the entire draft by clicking on Pledge to America beside the picture at this site:

It will be formally unveiled on Thursday. Read it. Study it. Appreciate it. Love it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

He's a Musician

This is Caleb, our newest grandson, who is now 7 months old. His mom thinks he has his dad's love of and talent for playing music.
He surely has taken to this instrument. Look at the speed of his hand. He most certainly is a prodigy in my eyes.

Looks to me like he also has his dad's flair for fashion.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My First Out of State Trip

My layout today came mostly from what I've been told of our first family vacation. We rode a train from West Virginia to Texas where my dad's family lived in Granbury. The only thing I can remember for myself is that monkey doll. He was dressed just like the one in the picture. However, he had a hard face. I liked that fellow better than any doll I even had.

I'm at a loss for making a segue into my thought for the day. I can't blame Texas for any of this information.
but it has weighed me down today. It actually makes my stomach sour just to think about it.

The NEA has made the book Rules for Radicals (A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals), by the truly radical Saul Alinsky, recommended reading.

I'm not too surprised, but I'm still not comfortable that our schools could be training radicals.

Another tidbit: Saul Alinsky wrote this in the dedication of that book: "Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical:from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off the history begins- or which is which), the first radical known to men who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom_ Lucifer."

In case you aren't really in the know about Lucifer. That is the name of Satan. Not a whole lot of people dedicate their books to Satan.

Another frightening fact is: our president has ties to Saul, a Marxist. You can google that.

Remember laughing when Kruschev pounded his shoe on the table and said they would bury us?
Well they set out to do just that.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Duty of an Artist

Our daughter, Chelle, is taking a photography class at a church near her. The teacher is great. I would love to take this class myself. Looks like I need to search for classes more aggressively. I can't just expect someone to walk up and invite me.

Chelle captured these pictures on a photo shoot at sunset. I absolutely love the composition. The colors are phenomenal.

Fall is definitely in the air. Looks to me like it is early this year. Our cool nights started way ahead of my schedule. So the leaves are turning. I just hope they hang on a long time. It is my favorite time of year.

I never had thought of artists as having a duty before. I just thought they were expressing themselves for the pure joy of stroking color on a canvas, carving shapes, molding clay, etc.

I like the quote on the first layout: "To send light into the darkness of men't hearts- such is the duty of the artist. " Robert A Shumann

And what is the duty of a citizen? It is to vote. The polls show an overwhelming number of people are dissatisfied with the change we were handed with this last election. So much damage has been done to our country in the last two years. But, we all know, that the election is not sown up. "It's not over till the fat lady sings" sounds crazy, but it is accurate. Each citizen must do his/her part. We can not leave it to others to do the voting. And don't think your vote will not count. We must all do our small part to oust the present office holders. If you haven't registered, do it now. Don't wait. I know what happens. Things slip by you and then it is too late. Do it this week. The fate of our nation is on our shoulders. Don't let your grandchildren say that this is the generation that lost freedom.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Memories, Good and Bad

Double Click on the layout to read what my memories were of when I was two or three. My mom told me I was 2 when I fell, but I don't know if I was late 2 or early three when these pictures were taken.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sink or Swim

Being so young and living only one year in Marmet, I don't remember much...a very few things. Tomorrow night, I hope to tell you the four things I do remember.

Tonight, I'd rather tell you about the Summit County Tea Party that we attended tonight. It is always great to see the wholesome crowd these 'parties' attract. It is comforting to see people of all ages and colors come together in an effort to make things right again in the country...people who believe the Constitution was written based on truth and that it does not need to be rewritten every year or so.

The speakers were very knowledgable, quite refreshing in this age of ignorance and conformity. I thank God for all the people who are willing to stand up and be counted, and especially for those who are willing to put their lives on hold for a while and run for office.

I am praying more and more people will do this and that we can do away with career politicians. I'm definitely for term limits. Congressmen should always have to go back home and live under the laws they have passed. As a matter of fact, they should never pass a law by which they don't have to abide. We don't want a ruling class. This is a republic and office holders are supposed to be doing what their constituents want them to do, which is the opposite of what they are doing right now.

The very best speaker we heard tonight, in my opinion, was a black man. His color doesn't matter to us, but I am so proud of him for going against the tide and doing what is right. So many are conservative, but are afraid to come out and say it. Now he is one man I'd like to see in the oval office. I pray that those like him will be instrumental in bringing more good men and women into the Tea Party. All our citizens are in this together and must join in a common effort to right our path, or all sink in the same boat together. We either swim or sink.

Friday, September 17, 2010

War Baby

I was a war baby, born during World War II. As such, I always attended crowded schools. In first grade we only went half a day, since another first grade class shared a classroom and teacher with us. Mrs. Dixon had many students that year. After that, we had more teachers, but not enough classrooms; so some classes met in rooms that were not meant for classrooms, such as the gymnasium. We didn't have gym, because of the crowding. There were always at least 42 pupils per teacher. (We still learned even though we didn't have the frills.)

Those were just a few of the sacrifices made by Americans to fight the Nazi's. There were many.

Today, we have a different kind of war. It is being fought on our soil. We have been attacked from within. There have been many casualties already...our jobs, our homes, our freedom. I'm not sure what kind of sacrifice we might have to make, but I do know, we must fight back. In this country our weapons are our votes. If we don't get out the vote in November, we will have completely lost the battle...the whole war will come to an end... and we will be subjects instead of citizens.

It was once said by William F Buckley, Jr. "Better the possibility of being dead, than the certainty of being red." He has since gone on to eternal life, but his quote is more meaningful than ever to those of us who value our Constitutional government.

We must go house to house if needed to get voters to the polls in November.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to the 50s.

Pony Tail and Duck Tail. This is a picture taken in the late 80's at a 50's party after we had run out of gas in Ron's Benz about 20 feet from the gas pumps at a neighborhood service station. He had to get out of the car in this 'get up' to push the car up to the station and fill it's tank. It was more embarrassing for me than for him. I slunk down in the car seat hoping no one who knew us would see. It was bad enough having perfect strangers staring. We were 'out of style' to say the very least.

But the evening was great and we soon had forgotten about the filling station incident.

Oh to go back to the peaceful serenity of the 50's.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tea Party Event

It's fun for me to make these layouts for the family book, but I admit, it's a bit overdoing it on myself as a 'baby'. I just have so many good pictures. Lots of a good thing is great, but it comes to a point where enough is enough.

But one bad thing is enough. When they start piling up, stimulus packages for example, one can get overloaded quickly.

There will be a Tea Party Rally in Cuyahoga Falls this Saturday. We are expecting around 10,000 people there to hear our candidates interviewed. If you live in the area, plan to attend. You need to check out things for yourselves. You would never understand the passion in our souls without meeting with us. Turn from your despair for our fair country. You will be uplifted.

Bring your family and friends. All ages, all races, all religions (and any other way the liberals want to divide us) are welcome. We are all one nation under God.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tea Party Win

There is excitement at our house tonight. Christine O'Donnell became the Republican candidate for Senate in the Delaware primary. Mark this night.

Although the Democratic party has gone the so far left it could fall over, some parts of the Republican Party also lean that way. We call that wing of the Grand Old Party, the Rhinos, standing for 'Republican in name only'. Their votes show they are not conservative.

So far the Tea Party has shown to be strong...not much surprise to me. People are waking up and smelling the coffee...and are switching to tea.

Notice the quote on the teapot above. It is by Eleanor Roosevelt, but could have been written about O'Donnell. It says,"Women are like tea bags. They don't know how strong they are until they get into hot water." Well Christine appeared to be in hot water coming into this election. She had to fight the left leaning Republicans in her party, who were hurling insults and names at her like little children on a playground, as well as the Democrats. But THE PEOPLE, THE CITIZENS of Delaware came out for her.

May God bless them all and continue to keep O'Donnell strong through the national election in November and her six or more years in the Senate.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Blue Bonnet

How many of you remember the jingle, 'Everything's better with Blue Bonnet on it'?
It came into being the same year I did, 1943. Standard Brands bought Blue Bonnet that year and ,using that slogan, made it a major brand. I remember the box. I remember spreading it on my bread. I remember eating it. I've since switched to butter.

Margarine was touted as being more healthy than butter for years, but studies have shown that wasn't true. Margarine is actually higher in cholesterol. It was a change, supposedly for the better, but it turned out to not be as our family changed back.

Sound familiar? Change that didn't work out to be better for us? Could that be the socialist government that has overtaken us with all kinds of wonderful promises, but that has drug us into a deep ditch and is threatening to bury us? We must change back. And that we will... come November. Not only must each of us vote, but we must get out the vote.

I heard a man today say he is 69 years old and has never voted. He just figured the elite would put in whomever they wanted any way and his vote would mean nothing. He will vote this year. There have to be more like him. We must find them and let them know how important this election is to them, their children and grand children.

God bless you all. Remember to pray for our country. Love you all. Hope you'll be back tomorrow.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I love these pictures, but there are no dates on the back. I'm still trying to guess just how old I was at the time. Notice the harness on me. I had to be old enough to run around or that wouldn't be needed. I vaguely remember my mom guiding me along with this on me.

Because these straps keep the little ones out of traffic, etc., I would have used them with my own children, but I was afraid of what might have happened to me.

Isn't it sad, that so many people neglect their children and others are truly mean and violent and orally abusive to the children and get away with it? But just try to smack your child's fanny and see what happens.
On second thought, don't try it, you could be charged with child abuse and possibly have your children removed from your home for evaluation and kept away from you, their loving mother or father. How did things get so messed up here? Why have we allowed things to get so crazy? Why do we put up with that?What do we do with all the children who have absolutely no social skills because parents were/are afraid to discipline them.

You will hear parents out in public 'begging' their children to do whatever. They won't touch them, but they will yell at them. Some might sit them in the 'time out chair' for a few minutes. Whooptedoo. There is a small number of children with whom this will work, but the others are wrecking havoc with our whole society.

In all the child psychology classes I had to take to become a teacher, I learned a great deal. One very important thing for people to know is, children like boundaries. It makes them feel safe. They will test until they find them. But once they know for sure where those lines are, they are secure within them.

To be safe, areas are quite limited when children are small, but they grow as the child learns to handle more and more responsibility.

I wonder what they are teaching teachers now. Textbooks are one of the major problems in our country today, from the very earliest grades through the universities. Some pretty extreme views are being drummed into our young ones and college students with these books written by some pretty radical authors.

Take a look at your children's textbooks when they first bring them home. And if they don't come home, go to school and ask to see them. You certainly have the right if your children are using them. We must do our best to see that our children are safe in view of the ideas in some of our schools today.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Plus Side to the Bad Economy

Because of the poor economy, our county has had to economize. One way they've done it, I believe, is to not spray for mosquitos at the lakes this year. Thus, those insects are very thick now. Generally we never see one all summer long.

One good thing about that is the number of insect eating birds that have discovered a good eating ground here. I love the see the cedar waxwings fly in by the hundreds, flitting here and there, grabbing insects in the air. It is really like an invasion, but I love sitting inside and watching them flying here an there. They are beautiful birds.

That is not the only positive thing I can say about the economic slump. Yes, there is more. I think people will finally vote against these spend thrifts in Washington and in the capitals of our states. We all hurt when we go to the store or when we get our energy bills. We feel the crunch. Businessmen want to make money. They are crippled by heavy taxes and thus have to let workers go and pass on the increases to us in their prices. Where does this all end? Either in another great depression, or we throw off the chains and go back to capitalism. It works when unencumbered by governmental controls.

Those in Washington don't even know how to run the post office. Why would we want them to run General Motors, our banks and our health care? We don't. But the ones in control right now really just don't care what we want. They know what THEY want and that is ABSOLUTE CONTROL over us. Vote them out in November.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Remember 9/11

My layout is a picture of myself and my mother on my first birthday.

Today after hearing several retold stories of innocent people who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, I was weeping. I've shed many tears of sympathy for family members of those so ruthlessly murdered by people who despise freedom and our faith, those who are taught from their earliest years that non-Muslims are dogs to be killed. It isn't just that they don't like us...they HATE us. And their 'brand' of religion requires just the opposite of what our God is about, which is love. We would be able to coexist with them, for we are to love our enemies, but their 'so called god' teaches them to hate. While Christians are taught to tell the truth, these Muslims are taught that lying in justified, if the end is our demise.

As I brought up this layout of my first birthday, I was thinking that there are many children here in America who are not being taught the history of America, because many think it is important to shelter them from anything violent. Some who are voting this November were only 9 years old when the towers collapsed. Some of them were kept away from the news at that time and have not since been taught about the tragedy, not at school for sure, and not even at home. How can we expect our citizens to vote intelligently if we don't teach them history. "Those who don't learn from the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat them."

Children who were one year old when we were assaulted, are now ten and are old enough to know what the score is. Parents, do not expect them to learn history in school. It is being rewritten every day and the kids are not getting an accurate picture of any of our American history. As a matter of fact, most parents of 10 year olds today have not had an adequate course in history.

Just ask your children if they pledge allegiance to our flag every morning. They may go to one of the PC schools that believe it might be offensive to some, so they don't even have one. We are being told lies daily by the progressive left through newspapers and on TV that our forefathers were not Christians. NOT TRUE Check it out for yourself. Read their own words. So far we still have books they've penned. Read while you can. Be aware of what is happening behind the scenes to destroy our freedom.

Teach your children. You owe it to them and to the rest of us.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

If Speech is Taxed, Is It Free?

It's a good thing I've done some layouts in advance, because I've not been productive today. A friend and I went shopping at Grove City in PA. I didn't spend much money. Every time I looked at a price and determined it was about 2 times higher than it would have been two years ago, I just couldn't bring myself to pay the price. 'They' say we don't have inflation. Then what do you call it when everything you want to buy costs a lot more. Even if all you can afford to buy now is groceries, you know what I mean.

There was a big incentive to buy in Pennsylvania. They do not collect a sales tax on necessities like clothing. I could have saved a lot not paying that tax, because we pay 6.5 % in my county in OH; but I saved much more by keeping my credit card in my purse. Oh yes, I was tempted. But unlike our Congress, I don't have money to burn...mainly because they are burning mine...and yours as well.

While PA does not punish it's citizens and others for purchasing necessities, the state has determined that writing a blog should be taxed! And they have decided to charge $300 dollars a year for the privilege. Granted it is not necessary to write a blog, but tax worthy? If speech is taxed, is it free?

Glad I don't live in PA, even though my blog would be exempt (for the meantime at least) because I don't make any money doing it. I do know someone who collects pennies for little ads she has attached to her blog...but she certainly doesn't even make $300 a year. Oh well, just another hand in our pockets. We might as well turn them inside out now or vote for Conservatives in November. Even then, it isn't going to be easy to fix the mess this group has CREATED.

If you will study your history more closely than we were taught in schools, you will find that the bank crash in '29 did not start the depression. The unemployment percentage never hit as high as 10%. It was back down to 6% before FDR came into office and tried to fix our Capitalistic government with laws that were supposed to 'stimulate' to economy, but did just the opposite and caused the Great Depression. That happened a year after the banks crashed. Capitalism fixes itself. If a business fails, it goes out of business and another one will come along who manages better and offer the same product or service.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Playing at Art

I mentioned a few days ago that my mom colored photographs 'back in the old days'. She did a good job. I guess that is where I got the idea that I'd like to paint. So when my baby was about 1 year old, I decided to take an art class for adults in the evening at our local high school. I fell for it quickly and began earnest lessons in oils. As in most things, I poured myself into it. I have many paintings hanging around my house and stacked in my basement to prove my persistence. I absolutely loved the creative outlet. A few years later, I discovered colored pencils and again threw myself into it and for two years straight had pictures in the International Colored Pencil shows. The first was in Cleveland, OH and the next year in Seattle. I made the trip out to Washington with artist friends to attend the big show. Those two pictures are published in books that I proudly bring out, if anyone asks.

Several years ago, my husband bought me Photoshop PSE 4 while I was on a trip to Florida with my girlfriends. When I got home and he surprised me with it, I was scared half to death. I didn't know anything about a computer except emailing and making an occasional label for my scissors and paper scrapbooking. I needed to make a scrapbook for the trip, but oh my, how? I did what any nut with an addiction would do. I focused on it 12 hours a day and dreamed it at night. Since I wasn't familiar with computers, I bought every book and found every magazine article that gave any direction whatsoever. I learned over a few months.
I still find myself learning something new now and again.

If I had known then what I do now, it would not have taken so painfully long. One can get video tutorials online which are very easy to understand. One place to do that is at

This layout is of me sometime before my first birthday. It was a sepia tone photo. If it hadn't been, I could have made it one in PSE. I used the lasso tool and hue saturation adjustments to color my dress. I also tinted my cheeks and lips.

I am addicted to digital scrapbooking. And since I am retired with no children running around, I spend huge amounts of time at the computer...playing at art.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baby Picture

This book is getting more difficult. I have lots of pictures. They are in fairly good shape. I am enjoying trying to make the layouts look like they are old like the pictures. What I'm struggling with is what to write on the pages. On some, I have information. Of others, I know little or nothing, including the date they were taken. And goodness, I have no idea what to write on this one. If this were my baby or grand baby, there are many appropriate captions I could use, but...this is me. I've settled on this Bible verse, but even though I love the verse, I'm not really satisfied that it is appropriate.

My mind is in a fog this evening. I have been yawning since 9:00. Twice today I had great ideas ( at least I thought so) for this blog. I woke up with one of them this morning. I called it "At What Price Popular?". Another came to me as I was driving home from Sam's Club. I jotted notes to remind me of both. I've lost those papers. So with no notes and no brain, I have nothing of value to say tonight.

Since that is true, I'll just pass on something that I received in my inbox this evening. It is by a black man who attended the Hope, Love and Charity rally in Washington on the 28th of last month. I think you will see some promise in it. Certainly, if others will just go and see for themselves what white American conservatives are really like, we will all be able to join together and with God's help finally become "Free at Last".

Monday, September 6, 2010

Blossom Ballet

Just a simple layout for a simply fun night. Thanks to Phyllis and Ron, we were able to get acquainted with some friends from their church, great people. We 'enjoyed' the ballet, but my Ron got antsy before it was over and had already texted everyone he knows. He decided to leave our party before the show was over.

We had followed Phyllis in and parked side by side. One comment before we left was, "I hope you can remember where you parked." "Sure', said Ron and off we went, wheeling along behind us our gypsy load of chairs, coolers, blankets, etc.

There are several parking lots at Blossom because of the large number of cars. We knew we hadn't walked far from the gate since we had arrived early. We came to a fork in the road and Ron said, "I think we came from there", and turned to the right.

We were looking up and down the aisles and saw a few Priora, (Yes, that is plural for Pius) but not ours. We had been out there wandering for some time, when a very nice lady, who was waiting in her 'bus' for an elderly group to see the show, took pity on us and came to our rescue. She said to get on and she would drive us around to find the car. Evidently working with elderly people made her compassionate towards old people. We drove up and down the rows. We saw several silver Priora, but none were ours. Okay, it had to be in another lot. So she drove us slowly so we wouldn't miss it. I was really embarrassed by now. I guess she figured if we couldn't even remember which lot it was, we must be suffering from dementia. Up and down each row s-l-o-w-l-y. Again no silver Prius was ours! Ron said, "We must be in the lot on the other side of the road. Just let us off the bus and I'll go over there. She (meaning me) can sit with our stuff here at this picnic table." I was upset and started reaching in my wallet, saying "He is so cheap. You've been so nice, let me give you something"...she broke me off with, "On no. That isn't necessary. I hope you find your car soon." Then she parked the bus and got out to sit with me.

Ron was gone a some time, when I spotted him returning in the car. I made my was across the street with our load. I'd never been so happy to get in that car.

Never was a girl scout, but have always believed in being prepared. From now on, I will never again expect the driver to remember where he/she parked. I will make a mental note of it myself...and since I always carry a camera, I might also take pictures to remind myself... in case I forget as well.

Don't forget what the liberals have done to our country before November. Be prepared to vote for those who will not spend, spend, spend. Vote for candidates who will listen to the people and protect us from illegals.

And remember to view the layout larger, double click it.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Like Dogs

As humans, we learn what we live. As you can see, I was carefully and lovingly introduced to dogs early in my life and so I love them.

As parents we generally pass on our likes and our fears to our children...unless we know this fact and are careful not to let our children see those fears. I'm talking more about phobias, I suppose. For example, I was always terribly afraid of lightning. I knew I was overly afraid. Thank goodness, something brought that to mind the first time lightning struck when I was in front of my first graders as a new teacher. I did something I had never been able to do before...hide my fear. I hadn't planned ahead of time. Hadn't even thought about it. If I had shown that fear, I could have ended up with a whole class of frightened little children.

Parents are not the only ones who influence the growth and development of children, there are relatives, neighbors, teachers, TV, etc. As parents we need to be aware of all these influences and be careful to what we expose young children in their impressionable years. When mothers have to go off to work and trust their children to others, they should be particularly interested in the character of those caregivers.

And when it is time for them to go off to school... we need to know the character of the teachers and even the other students in the class. If they ride a bus, we must know what is allowed to happen on that vehicle.
Some would say it is over protective to want such knowledge. It is not. Children to learn what they live.

If your children are learning from their schools different values from yours at home, you need to know. If for some reason there is no way to protect them from that influence, they need to be taught extra well at home the fallacy of whatever it is they are exposed to at school. Then of course it comes down to which person they have more faith in, you or the other person. If you love them tenderly and give them a good example from early on, they will probably choose you over another.

Our children are more important to us that anything. They are more important to the growth of our nation that anything. Protect your children and pray for God's protection as well.

"Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My First Family Portrait

I'll be working on this album for quite a while. Today I've done a couple of pages with me as a baby.
I am blessed to have pictures in good condition. A few are not, but so far, they have been easily fixed with PSE8. For those of you who might not be familiar with that. It is a cut down version of Photoshop which serves me very well. It can be purchased at Sam's Club for less that $100.

Of course $100 can be a lot of money for those who can't find work now because our illustrious president is spending all we and our kids can possibly send to Washington ...and much more.

Yesterday I heard a brave lady who has blown the whistle on Acorn and Barak Obama. Her name is Anita MonCrief. You might want to check out her website at I would rather you hear it from her than from me.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Two Dolls

I usually choose a picture or set of pictures, look at them closely and decide how they make me feel. Then I gather items of the right type and colors until I think I'm ready to start. I put them all on the page and move them however the creative 'spirit' moves me, until I have a finished page. Sometimes I need to delete some and add more, but it comes together. When I first started paper scrapbooking, I used this method, but was never quite satisfied. I've learned that I don't have to think it is perfect. I can accomplish a lot more that way.

This morning, as I was looking over my email, a kit of papers and elements drew my attention. Displayed in a unique way were some components grouped together inside a frame. I liked the look and decided to make my own grouping. I picked a frame and then gathered elements to put inside it. I started to file it away to use at a later date, but thought it would be really cute with a little girl outdoors. Well, we only have one little girl in our lives right now...and she is getting big much too fast. It is Ashley. So I looked through pictures her mom had sent me and had to go all the way back to Easter. But I found a lovely photo. I hadn't worked with it before because unfortunately there was a big car right behind her. It was very distracting. I knew I could camouflage it or even remove it, but it would be difficult. It was the perfect picture otherwise, so I began to work on it. I think it came together quite well. I like the dreamy effect.

Tired of politics. Just have a quote from the Bible for you tonight:

"The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left." Ecclesiastes 10:2

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back in '43

No, I don't have another little grand baby.

I have been working some time now trying to organize the many, many pictures I got when my dad died in '02. Mom, being a photographer, had a lot. Of course not as many as I do having had six children and being the trigger happy owner of a digital camera for the last few years.

She wasn't big into organization though. So pictures were mostly in boxes scattered around the house. I put out 27 shoe boxes on our pool table and labeled them with dates from the forties through the mid 60's., one for the 20's and one for the 30's. I'll work with the rest later. I have been attempting to get each picture in the correct box. It isn't easy. But I'm getting it narrowed down and have decided to start the Heritage Album of my family. I am on only child and that leaves no one else to do it.

Yesterday you saw a layout of the smart side of my dad. Today, I'm sticking in a layout of myself at 5 months. I am happy to have a lot of originals like the smaller one here.

If you double click on the layout, you will read that my mom worked in photography for the best studio in town. She could do any job they needed. And she even sold photographs to the customers. I think what she liked best was the artistic part. She colored the photos.

She had a darkroom at home and could develop and enlarge her own photos. She also had everything required for coloring photos and retouching the negatives. I guess I got the bug from her. I worked for Carpenter's myself one summer. But I never desired a darkroom. I will settle for doing all these things on a computer. There isn't so much mess.

I don't like messes one bit and would like to clean up the big one in Washington.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Brain

There are many things I can say for my dad, but one of the first that comes to mind is he was very smart.
I just put this page together today after having read a newspaper article last week about a local professor who is supposedly a whiz at the Rubik's Cube. My dad had him beat.

I decided to use that fact and a picture of him with his chromatograph to convey that side of him.

Not many are as smart a he was, but even fewer are smart and wise. He was both. He had common sense which seems to be lacking in Washington today.

You know there have to be people out there who would make good Congressmen, Senators and even a president. Politics, however, have become so corrupt necessitating so much money for campaigns, etc that not many are willing to run. If you know someone who is smart and has sense enough to not spend money when he/she doesn't have it, ask him/her to run for office if you are not yet satisfied with whoever is vying for office on your favorite ticket. You might even consider running yourself.

Government positions were not designed to be a career, but an act of service to one's country. Some fine citizens must be willing to give a few years for the betterment of all of get us out of the grip these career politicians have on us.