Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back in '43

No, I don't have another little grand baby.

I have been working some time now trying to organize the many, many pictures I got when my dad died in '02. Mom, being a photographer, had a lot. Of course not as many as I do having had six children and being the trigger happy owner of a digital camera for the last few years.

She wasn't big into organization though. So pictures were mostly in boxes scattered around the house. I put out 27 shoe boxes on our pool table and labeled them with dates from the forties through the mid 60's., one for the 20's and one for the 30's. I'll work with the rest later. I have been attempting to get each picture in the correct box. It isn't easy. But I'm getting it narrowed down and have decided to start the Heritage Album of my family. I am on only child and that leaves no one else to do it.

Yesterday you saw a layout of the smart side of my dad. Today, I'm sticking in a layout of myself at 5 months. I am happy to have a lot of originals like the smaller one here.

If you double click on the layout, you will read that my mom worked in photography for the best studio in town. She could do any job they needed. And she even sold photographs to the customers. I think what she liked best was the artistic part. She colored the photos.

She had a darkroom at home and could develop and enlarge her own photos. She also had everything required for coloring photos and retouching the negatives. I guess I got the bug from her. I worked for Carpenter's myself one summer. But I never desired a darkroom. I will settle for doing all these things on a computer. There isn't so much mess.

I don't like messes one bit and would like to clean up the big one in Washington.

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