Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baby Picture

This book is getting more difficult. I have lots of pictures. They are in fairly good shape. I am enjoying trying to make the layouts look like they are old like the pictures. What I'm struggling with is what to write on the pages. On some, I have information. Of others, I know little or nothing, including the date they were taken. And goodness, I have no idea what to write on this one. If this were my baby or grand baby, there are many appropriate captions I could use, but...this is me. I've settled on this Bible verse, but even though I love the verse, I'm not really satisfied that it is appropriate.

My mind is in a fog this evening. I have been yawning since 9:00. Twice today I had great ideas ( at least I thought so) for this blog. I woke up with one of them this morning. I called it "At What Price Popular?". Another came to me as I was driving home from Sam's Club. I jotted notes to remind me of both. I've lost those papers. So with no notes and no brain, I have nothing of value to say tonight.

Since that is true, I'll just pass on something that I received in my inbox this evening. It is by a black man who attended the Hope, Love and Charity rally in Washington on the 28th of last month. I think you will see some promise in it. Certainly, if others will just go and see for themselves what white American conservatives are really like, we will all be able to join together and with God's help finally become "Free at Last".


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