Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tracking My LIfe

I'll be a while on this project. I'm not sure if anyone will want to look at this whole book besides me, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the process. I had never more than glanced at many or these pictures before. Now they raise many questions and I wish there was a source somewhere on earth with the answers.

I do know for sure that I was 29 months old when I wrote this 'letter'. I don't really know how old I was when these pictures were taken. A few of my pictures have the age on the back, so I'm guessing by comparing to those. I'm sure sometimes I'm off, so mostly I'm just putting them somewhat in order by how they look to me.

I am happy when things are written down. My husband learned from being in business "If it isn't written, it doesn't exist". That could be said about the promises that were made to us in the '08 election. Hope, Change, etc. but nothing precise was written. No plans least none for which we would have voted.

Today the Republican Party released its Pledge to America, 21 pages of written promises and plans for producing those promised results. We are blessed to have bright and honest men whom we can trust to bring out the Constitution, carry these out and take us back to the country which had thrived for a couple of centuries before falling prey first to Liberals who took us down the path to Socialism and then full out Marxists who are destroying all the wealth we all had worked to produce and the freedoms for which so many of our fine young men have fought and died.

You can read the entire draft by clicking on Pledge to America beside the picture at this site:

It will be formally unveiled on Thursday. Read it. Study it. Appreciate it. Love it.

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