Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Brain

There are many things I can say for my dad, but one of the first that comes to mind is he was very smart.
I just put this page together today after having read a newspaper article last week about a local professor who is supposedly a whiz at the Rubik's Cube. My dad had him beat.

I decided to use that fact and a picture of him with his chromatograph to convey that side of him.

Not many are as smart a he was, but even fewer are smart and wise. He was both. He had common sense which seems to be lacking in Washington today.

You know there have to be people out there who would make good Congressmen, Senators and even a president. Politics, however, have become so corrupt necessitating so much money for campaigns, etc that not many are willing to run. If you know someone who is smart and has sense enough to not spend money when he/she doesn't have it, ask him/her to run for office if you are not yet satisfied with whoever is vying for office on your favorite ticket. You might even consider running yourself.

Government positions were not designed to be a career, but an act of service to one's country. Some fine citizens must be willing to give a few years for the betterment of all of get us out of the grip these career politicians have on us.

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