Friday, September 17, 2010

War Baby

I was a war baby, born during World War II. As such, I always attended crowded schools. In first grade we only went half a day, since another first grade class shared a classroom and teacher with us. Mrs. Dixon had many students that year. After that, we had more teachers, but not enough classrooms; so some classes met in rooms that were not meant for classrooms, such as the gymnasium. We didn't have gym, because of the crowding. There were always at least 42 pupils per teacher. (We still learned even though we didn't have the frills.)

Those were just a few of the sacrifices made by Americans to fight the Nazi's. There were many.

Today, we have a different kind of war. It is being fought on our soil. We have been attacked from within. There have been many casualties already...our jobs, our homes, our freedom. I'm not sure what kind of sacrifice we might have to make, but I do know, we must fight back. In this country our weapons are our votes. If we don't get out the vote in November, we will have completely lost the battle...the whole war will come to an end... and we will be subjects instead of citizens.

It was once said by William F Buckley, Jr. "Better the possibility of being dead, than the certainty of being red." He has since gone on to eternal life, but his quote is more meaningful than ever to those of us who value our Constitutional government.

We must go house to house if needed to get voters to the polls in November.

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