Monday, September 6, 2010

Blossom Ballet

Just a simple layout for a simply fun night. Thanks to Phyllis and Ron, we were able to get acquainted with some friends from their church, great people. We 'enjoyed' the ballet, but my Ron got antsy before it was over and had already texted everyone he knows. He decided to leave our party before the show was over.

We had followed Phyllis in and parked side by side. One comment before we left was, "I hope you can remember where you parked." "Sure', said Ron and off we went, wheeling along behind us our gypsy load of chairs, coolers, blankets, etc.

There are several parking lots at Blossom because of the large number of cars. We knew we hadn't walked far from the gate since we had arrived early. We came to a fork in the road and Ron said, "I think we came from there", and turned to the right.

We were looking up and down the aisles and saw a few Priora, (Yes, that is plural for Pius) but not ours. We had been out there wandering for some time, when a very nice lady, who was waiting in her 'bus' for an elderly group to see the show, took pity on us and came to our rescue. She said to get on and she would drive us around to find the car. Evidently working with elderly people made her compassionate towards old people. We drove up and down the rows. We saw several silver Priora, but none were ours. Okay, it had to be in another lot. So she drove us slowly so we wouldn't miss it. I was really embarrassed by now. I guess she figured if we couldn't even remember which lot it was, we must be suffering from dementia. Up and down each row s-l-o-w-l-y. Again no silver Prius was ours! Ron said, "We must be in the lot on the other side of the road. Just let us off the bus and I'll go over there. She (meaning me) can sit with our stuff here at this picnic table." I was upset and started reaching in my wallet, saying "He is so cheap. You've been so nice, let me give you something"...she broke me off with, "On no. That isn't necessary. I hope you find your car soon." Then she parked the bus and got out to sit with me.

Ron was gone a some time, when I spotted him returning in the car. I made my was across the street with our load. I'd never been so happy to get in that car.

Never was a girl scout, but have always believed in being prepared. From now on, I will never again expect the driver to remember where he/she parked. I will make a mental note of it myself...and since I always carry a camera, I might also take pictures to remind myself... in case I forget as well.

Don't forget what the liberals have done to our country before November. Be prepared to vote for those who will not spend, spend, spend. Vote for candidates who will listen to the people and protect us from illegals.

And remember to view the layout larger, double click it.

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