Friday, September 10, 2010

Remember 9/11

My layout is a picture of myself and my mother on my first birthday.

Today after hearing several retold stories of innocent people who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, I was weeping. I've shed many tears of sympathy for family members of those so ruthlessly murdered by people who despise freedom and our faith, those who are taught from their earliest years that non-Muslims are dogs to be killed. It isn't just that they don't like us...they HATE us. And their 'brand' of religion requires just the opposite of what our God is about, which is love. We would be able to coexist with them, for we are to love our enemies, but their 'so called god' teaches them to hate. While Christians are taught to tell the truth, these Muslims are taught that lying in justified, if the end is our demise.

As I brought up this layout of my first birthday, I was thinking that there are many children here in America who are not being taught the history of America, because many think it is important to shelter them from anything violent. Some who are voting this November were only 9 years old when the towers collapsed. Some of them were kept away from the news at that time and have not since been taught about the tragedy, not at school for sure, and not even at home. How can we expect our citizens to vote intelligently if we don't teach them history. "Those who don't learn from the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat them."

Children who were one year old when we were assaulted, are now ten and are old enough to know what the score is. Parents, do not expect them to learn history in school. It is being rewritten every day and the kids are not getting an accurate picture of any of our American history. As a matter of fact, most parents of 10 year olds today have not had an adequate course in history.

Just ask your children if they pledge allegiance to our flag every morning. They may go to one of the PC schools that believe it might be offensive to some, so they don't even have one. We are being told lies daily by the progressive left through newspapers and on TV that our forefathers were not Christians. NOT TRUE Check it out for yourself. Read their own words. So far we still have books they've penned. Read while you can. Be aware of what is happening behind the scenes to destroy our freedom.

Teach your children. You owe it to them and to the rest of us.

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