Saturday, September 11, 2010

Plus Side to the Bad Economy

Because of the poor economy, our county has had to economize. One way they've done it, I believe, is to not spray for mosquitos at the lakes this year. Thus, those insects are very thick now. Generally we never see one all summer long.

One good thing about that is the number of insect eating birds that have discovered a good eating ground here. I love the see the cedar waxwings fly in by the hundreds, flitting here and there, grabbing insects in the air. It is really like an invasion, but I love sitting inside and watching them flying here an there. They are beautiful birds.

That is not the only positive thing I can say about the economic slump. Yes, there is more. I think people will finally vote against these spend thrifts in Washington and in the capitals of our states. We all hurt when we go to the store or when we get our energy bills. We feel the crunch. Businessmen want to make money. They are crippled by heavy taxes and thus have to let workers go and pass on the increases to us in their prices. Where does this all end? Either in another great depression, or we throw off the chains and go back to capitalism. It works when unencumbered by governmental controls.

Those in Washington don't even know how to run the post office. Why would we want them to run General Motors, our banks and our health care? We don't. But the ones in control right now really just don't care what we want. They know what THEY want and that is ABSOLUTE CONTROL over us. Vote them out in November.

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