Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tea Party Win

There is excitement at our house tonight. Christine O'Donnell became the Republican candidate for Senate in the Delaware primary. Mark this night.

Although the Democratic party has gone the so far left it could fall over, some parts of the Republican Party also lean that way. We call that wing of the Grand Old Party, the Rhinos, standing for 'Republican in name only'. Their votes show they are not conservative.

So far the Tea Party has shown to be strong...not much surprise to me. People are waking up and smelling the coffee...and are switching to tea.

Notice the quote on the teapot above. It is by Eleanor Roosevelt, but could have been written about O'Donnell. It says,"Women are like tea bags. They don't know how strong they are until they get into hot water." Well Christine appeared to be in hot water coming into this election. She had to fight the left leaning Republicans in her party, who were hurling insults and names at her like little children on a playground, as well as the Democrats. But THE PEOPLE, THE CITIZENS of Delaware came out for her.

May God bless them all and continue to keep O'Donnell strong through the national election in November and her six or more years in the Senate.

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