Monday, September 13, 2010

Blue Bonnet

How many of you remember the jingle, 'Everything's better with Blue Bonnet on it'?
It came into being the same year I did, 1943. Standard Brands bought Blue Bonnet that year and ,using that slogan, made it a major brand. I remember the box. I remember spreading it on my bread. I remember eating it. I've since switched to butter.

Margarine was touted as being more healthy than butter for years, but studies have shown that wasn't true. Margarine is actually higher in cholesterol. It was a change, supposedly for the better, but it turned out to not be as our family changed back.

Sound familiar? Change that didn't work out to be better for us? Could that be the socialist government that has overtaken us with all kinds of wonderful promises, but that has drug us into a deep ditch and is threatening to bury us? We must change back. And that we will... come November. Not only must each of us vote, but we must get out the vote.

I heard a man today say he is 69 years old and has never voted. He just figured the elite would put in whomever they wanted any way and his vote would mean nothing. He will vote this year. There have to be more like him. We must find them and let them know how important this election is to them, their children and grand children.

God bless you all. Remember to pray for our country. Love you all. Hope you'll be back tomorrow.

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