Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I Can Make it Better

I've heard that one should never redo a layout. It is time consuming and one should just go on to the next layout. However, that is just not me. I save my pages for my next book in a folder. Whenever I make a new layout, if goes directly in that folder.  Then each time I open the folder, I can see all the layouts I've done for the book. After I've glanced at one a few times and think, it is just not right, I must FIX it. So I do. I'm always happier when I think I've done my best.

Two of the layouts  I've posted in the last month have been augmented and I am reposting them now.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dashing and Bold

One thing about Chinese meals...they have a fortune cookie each time. Here is Mason holding his...Dashing and Bold. Yes, it fits you, Mason.

I'm  pretty bold these days myself. I'm talking to anyone and everyone about the next election. I really want to know all I can about the candidates. I'm reading and reading. I'm watching their speeches and analyzing them.  Some candidates are surprising me. Some are disappointing.   I will be commenting here from time to time. Stay tuned.