Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tea Party Event

It's fun for me to make these layouts for the family book, but I admit, it's a bit overdoing it on myself as a 'baby'. I just have so many good pictures. Lots of a good thing is great, but it comes to a point where enough is enough.

But one bad thing is enough. When they start piling up, stimulus packages for example, one can get overloaded quickly.

There will be a Tea Party Rally in Cuyahoga Falls this Saturday. We are expecting around 10,000 people there to hear our candidates interviewed. If you live in the area, plan to attend. You need to check out things for yourselves. You would never understand the passion in our souls without meeting with us. Turn from your despair for our fair country. You will be uplifted.

Bring your family and friends. All ages, all races, all religions (and any other way the liberals want to divide us) are welcome. We are all one nation under God.

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