Thursday, July 13, 2017

Freedom to Accept Others

Ava's picture is a little overwhelmed by the large flowers, but I wanted to show the many tire tracks in the sand. She was at a local beach looking like she was going to show off some of her gymnastic skills. Cute. It was for sure a pleasant place for her to be on that nice day in early June.

Well you are now witnessing a first time ever. Still don't know if I'm satisfied, but I had to add a copy of Ava to the layout. It was just too hard to see her sweet face and expression. I'm leaving the first layout, so that you can compare. It would be interesting to see how the comments compare. Here is the newer layout.

It may still be difficult to see her face well without enlarging it. I hope you can.

I'm sure there are differing opinions on which layout is better. I'm sure some don't like it at all for varying reasons. That is the way we have been created. We all think differently. That is ok. It is fine. Actually it is great. That way we can learn from each other. We must never get to the point that we insist everyone thinks like us. We should be able to agree to disagree. If you have not learned to accept other's opinions as their right...then you need to rethink your whole existence and purpose. If we were all alike, all of us would want to do the same things at the same time, eat the same things...leaving other foods uneaten, etc. What a sad world if we were all pianists and there were no painters.

We must learn to give others room to be themselves. It is called freedom.

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