Thursday, August 19, 2010

Put on a New Face

There isn't a lot one can do for an old house short of remodeling it. But Ron decided to paint it to make it look better.

I think our president had a pretty good paint job before he ran for office. They managed to cover all the old stuff with a nice suit, a smile and a teleprompter. They did a good job of misleading many people who voted for his catchy, but empty slogan, 'Hope and Change'. Many voted to prove they were not prejudiced. Very few knew his background. He has spent millions of dollars covering his trail. But we do know what he wrote in his book and about his life as a child. And we know the corrupt group with which he worked as a community organizer. We also know what he has done since he became president. We remember how he slipped when talking to Stephanopoulos and said, ""John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith." Stephanopoulos stopped him and said, Christian? Many people saw it televised and the recording still exists. Yes, it could have been mistake. But do you know another Christian who might make that same mistake? Would you? I don't think so!

I heard a clever question on the radio today. If it was okay for us to call Clinton the first black president, why wouldn't it be okay to call Obama our first Muslim president?

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