Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Human Fountain

I'm Reaching back to Hawaii for tonight's entry. Still struggling with the difficulty of doing anything at all on the computer and have a Mac induced headache.

Have you heard of a human fountain? I had not and it is a strange presentation, but quite entertaining. You can see what I mean in the layout. These actors had mouths full of water which became 'fountains' during this 'dance'. It sure was worth a laugh. I guess this is the type of thing one comes up with when trying to entertain a ship load of people for days on end. Thought you might enjoy seeing it and the picture of Teece and me with a couple of these actors actually showing their faces after this performance.

I just realized that I have the same layout on April 1 and April 3. I know it has been rough around here, but that is worse than I thought. I'm not sure how I did that. Maybe I've lost more than a computer!

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