Monday, April 26, 2010

Ballet is for...

Ashley wanted to take ballet in order to do something the boys couldn't do. To her surprise, Aussie decided to go with her. The next year, she joined the Girl Scouts. Then she had some time with the girls. Now this year, you can see that Mason must have felt left out after saying for years that he did not want to do ballet. He looks like he is thoroughly enjoying 'dancing' with the girls. He may never look back.

Sometimes we just don't know how much we can enjoy something until we've done it. If you have never spoken to others about politics, you know it is not PC to do so unless you are a liberal, you should make an attempt. Many of us have decided that we can no longer keep quiet. We are ready to speak our minds. And you know what? It feels mighty good. Try it, perhaps you'll like it as well.

Join a Tea Party. You'll never meet nicer people anywhere. And who knows, it could help.
And God help us if it doesn't.

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  1. Mason does enjoy it, but he said he wasn't going to take it next year because Ashley didn't want him to. Much to their surprise they will not be taking it at all next year, since we won't be returning to that co-op. They don't know that yet.