Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Monkeying Around

I'm thrilled to show you some new pictures of our new grand son, Caleb. Isn't he a happy looking little fellow?

I finally learned how to download his pictures from Flickr. So simple, but I had to ask Beth how to do it. After I got them into the Apple, I had more trouble. I don't understand why it has to take me two or three steps to do everything that I did in one on the PC. I'm hoping that I just don't know the shortcuts yet and eventually it won't be so time consuming to do simple tasks.

All You Apple users are probably thinking I'm just stupid. That could be my problem, but I'm not likely to admit it. After all, in order to make my opinions better received, I need to appear somewhat intelligent. You do realize when the left brings a person into a leadership role, they tout his/her credentials. Remember Hillary was the most intelligent woman in the least until she ran against the Harvard grad Barak Obama, who supposedly has the mind of a god, but who can't speak more than ten words without a teleprompter.

Evidently we are to believe these people are brilliant just because 'they' say they are.

I'm afraid we need to consider more about candidates than from whence came their diplomas. (And by the way, we have yet to see any of Barak's school records. Many who were supposedly in his classes don't even remember him. But that isn't important...or is it?) One thing we should consider is common sense. Then there are ethics, character...and most of all...intentions.
If they intend to rule the world, perhaps we should keep a close watch on them and NOT make them our presidents.

Hope you all are aware of Arizona's new laws to help them thwart illegal immigration in their own state. The states have been given many more rights than you might think. They each need to stand up against a power hungry federal government. God bless Arizona for showing us the way. Pray that more states will take back some of their rights. I'm sure the feds will strike out against them, probably refuse to throw money at them. Good. The only purpose for the federal government is defense from outsiders. Leave the states alone to supply whatever needs their citizens decide with their own tax money. That way it doesn't have to go through hundreds of hands before it does what it was meant to do.

Let Washington know to quit 'monkeying' around with our lives!

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