Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rainbow Falls, Hawaii

How does time pass so quickly? It seems like I just smelled these flowers, yet I've been extremely busy today...no time to smell ...flowers. How many hours has it been since we were in Hawaii? So MUCH has happened since then, but HOW? It is a timeless question. One that I trust will never be answered to my satisfaction. I was young and now I'm...well I'm not young anymore.

There is another question I have that I doubt will ever be adequately answered? How in the world did our country get in such a mess? How did we let this happen? Why do so many no longer value free choice? I know it was a sinister plan that has been in the works for decades; but it just fell apart all at once, while we were busy just living, going to work, raising families. We weren't careful what was being sowed and now the harvest has brought forth WEEDS, plants foreign to our locale. Could we not find a real citizen to take the helm? Did we have to go out of our country to locate and raise a despot?

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