Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Fool'n

Ron has been home from the hospital two whole weeks now and is doing great. I've said he hit the ground running and that is just what he did. April 1, the day after he got home in the afternoon, he called a friend to help him fix the sump pump that had gone out and was threatening to back up water into the basement. They had to replace it after quite a bit of work. He pretty well wore himself out. Then for several days, I would catch him napping off and on in his chair. But he didn't let it slow him down socially. He didn't miss a meeting or occasion or any kind. I think that now he really has recovered. Tomorrow we are planning to attend a local Tea Party.

It really encourages me to see all those solid citizens finally paying attention to politics. We are no longer a silent majority, but a live, vocal majority.

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