Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brittanie Leaves Ohio

I have waited a couple of days to blog this layout because it screams for a title. It just isn't screaming loud enough for me to understand what it is saying. The startled, ornery look on Tim's face doesn't lend itself to a simple word or two that would also tell us that Brittanie is leaving Ohio.

Tim and Brittanie stopped by before leaving for Florida. Tim was just here a few days and now he is taking our grand daughter (his daughter) back to Florida with him. We hate to see her go. We don't see her enough as it is. But we pray she will do well there. She has a job waiting for her there. She's a hard worker and has been handling three jobs here. Tim is happy to have Brandon and her both there now.

Florida is looking better and better to us now, since all of our kids have scattered all over the USA and Ron's brother has now bought a winter home at The Villages there.

Speaking of The Villages. We got a glimpse of the Sean Hannity Show tonight right before watching American Idol. (Go Crystal ,Sioban , Lee and Mike.) They were televising a Tea Party rally there. It's a beautiful place with lots of good true blue Americans. Doubt any of them would bow to the king of Red China.

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