Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nashville Zoo

One of the great things about having six children is the GRANDCHILDREN. Any of you who have them know what I mean. We couldn't have loved our children any more; but there is something about their kids...they are always our eyes. Is it because of our age or because we don't see them every day? Or is is some other phenomenon? Is there a special name for it? Whatever, I have the best grand children in the world. Remember, this is my blog with my opinions!

My daughter, Chelle, is really good about taking pictures. Since she and her hubby chose to live far away from us (BWABWAWA), that is very important in keeping us connected.

I have pictures coming in like crazy. Now if I just hadn't gotten behind in my scrapbooking. Our trips to Hawaii and Colorado added quite a bit of material. I'm trying to catch up. this picture was taken in March...not too long ago.

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