Friday, March 8, 2013

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

I hope you didn't spend too much time trying to find something wrong with this picture.  But even more, I hope you didn't find anything amiss. This is our little Caleb at the Fire Station Museum. Naturally, he had to dress like a fireman and he surely is the cutest fire fighter I've even seen.

Now to address the title.  I no longer take the local newspaper because I don't want to help support their left wing journalism.  However, I do manage to read much of it. One of our cool neighbors saves it for me.

This morning as I read the news from the past few days, it hit me hard.  While many are crying big tears about having to make small cuts in our budget and with our president  slashing the number of border guards...WE ARE GIVING EGYPT $250 million.   I've heard higher estimates of what they are actually getting, but that is bad enough.  What is wrong with us that we would cut our defense budget, make our borders less safe and at the same time ship loads of money out to a country that has not been our biggest ally?

I know we have four more years to go under the 'leadership' of our president, but there must be a change. Please pray that our leaders will make an about face and guide their footsteps according to the will of the one true God.

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