Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fire Station Museum

When I realized I had 5 days to finish my next book, I was excited, thinking I could include Caleb's last few days here with us.  However when I counted, I found 90 pages completed and ready to go.  There is no way I could use all the wonderful photos we got since last Saturday in 10 pages. I also found that there are enough pictures to fill all 100 pages with layouts without using any taken this week.
Therefore, I will most likely complete a book by next Monday night.  Then I'll begin the next volume with this week's fun  with Caleb. It may be three, four or even five months before I'll publish another book.

Caleb and his mother visited her people in Columbus before John joined them and they met us half way for dinner and came home with us for a few days.   Beth took plenty of pictures while they were in central Ohio.  This layout focuses on Caleb at the Central Ohio Fire Station Museum. There are more pages  to come with pictures of him there and at the Columbus zoo.

I've augmented the layout from yesterday. Just needed to add something  to help one focus  on Cowboy Caleb.

In the meantime, in Washington, DC there was  finally a positive happening.  Even though Congress voted to install Brennan as head of the CIA (which is definitely not good) Rand Paul succeeded in getting in writing that it is not legal for our government to kill Americans in this country with drones. It wasn't easy, since Obama's group had stated that they could do that and had suggested possible targets.  Senator Paul filibustered for 13 hours before he got that promise for Americans.

It is frightening that an administration would even consider such a thing, let alone okay it.

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