Saturday, March 16, 2013

Believe Everything?

You can't believe everything you hear.  For example when this three year old was asked his age a couple of weeks ago, he replied, '18'.  It doesn't take a lot of reasoning ability to ascertain that he is definitely not 18.

One of our very best tools to get us through life is the ability to rationally look at the evidence and come to conclusions that will help us to make good decisions.  It is my opinion, that parents and schools have fallen short in the last decades in teaching that skill. We have actually been programmed to go along with the crowd, instead of standing out.

Of course, knowledge is necessary.  We need to know facts, not theories, but facts. 

Because of this failure on our part, many these days will believe anything they hear on the news, for example, or read on the internet.  Naturally, that is a big mistake because there are many people and groups of people out there with agendas who are willing to slant the truth or out and out lie to us.

Those of us who know better than believe all we hear have an advantage all the way through life.  
"Do you believe everything you read online? Of course not! Do you believe everything you watch on TV? No. Do you believe everything you read in the newspaper and in “People” magazine? No. Why do we spend more time reading and watching what we know is a lie than reading what we know is the truth? " 

The above quote of  Rick Warren tells it like it is.  Why do we continue to spend much of our days reading and listening to things that we know are or may be untrue? Sometimes it is easier just to let down our guards after a busy day.  But is it wise?  I think not.

If you are looking for something that is true, try the Bible. You will find advice that will serve you and others in a real way. Try it. It will do you no harm and will bless you richly.

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