Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Speaking of Fans

It so happens that Caleb is a fan as well as his cousin Laurn.  His shirt tells about his allegiance to Ohio State...but his face says he is a fan of Easter, Easter candy that is.  Looking at these pictures one would see that he is a big fan of the whole Easter basket tradition.

Traditionally, our nation was built on the Constitution. Recently (in the last 4 1/2  years ) however, those in power have trampled that document beneath their big feet...the feet of BIG BROTHER.

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Liberal Logic 101

Teenagers are too young to be exposed to guns and the Bible, but mature enough to be told about every conceivable sexual practice and then given condoms.

Teachers are not allowed to hug a student lest it be perceived as sexual, but TSA agents must grope your child in the interest of 'national security'.

Jeremiah Wright says Barack Obama should not be judged by the church he goes to, but Mitt Romney should be judged by the church he goes to.

When the religious right opposes abortion and same-sex marriage, they are forcing their morality on us, but while the anti-religious left wants taxpayer-funded abortions and to force businesses to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies, they are not forcing morality on anyone.

A business owner who makes $1 million a year by providing $50 million worth of jobs to the employees of his company is called selfish and greedy. He needs his taxes raised. But a wealthy celebrity who makes $50 million a year and donates 0.2% ($100,000) to charity is a selfless, giving soul and someone should throw a lavish party in his/ her honor.

A suicide bomber who targets women and children is called a freedom fighter, while an Israeli defense forces member who shoots back is called a terrorist.

Pray that we can see the error of our ways and make an about face, so that our country may be spared.

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