Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kids Will Be Kids...

Kids will be kids...some kind of kids anyway. Some of the hairiest ones are goats.  Caleb and friend run after the little kid. Finally he is caught and Caleb makes him his friend. They both look rather contented together. 

Now I would be more contented if I knew our leaders had our best interests at heart, but that is definitely not the case these days. 

I would think that a person who would guide the IRS into hassling  groups who had the names Tea Party, Patriot, etc in their names  would be fired, if not imprisoned. But in this great country that person was not even demoted, but put in the topmost position at the IRS, which is in control of who gets what in the new national healthcare program. That makes me, for one, not stand a chance. I am over 70 and belong to the Tea Party.  My only hope (yet the best hope of all) is that my God will give me whatever bit of health I need to finish the work He has for me to do on this earth.  We must start praying for each other and that God sees fit to save this nation.

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