Friday, May 24, 2013

Go Catch a Rooster

 I had seen pictures of Caleb chasing the chickens, but never ever expected him to actually catch one. There are two pictures of  the chase posted on this blog  May the thirteenth of this spring.

I wish we could catch all the persons involved in the IRS intimidation of tax payers; However, they seem to be much more 'slippery' than the rooster...more like slimy pigs.

It seems to me it would be much more productive if they were to turn their efforts toward the enemy instead of the American people.

Did you know that while the IRS is targeting private citizens and organizations within  our borders, Iran has broken into the computers which control our internal pipelines?  Yes, It is much easier to get away with things like that while people are busy fighting among themselves.

Have you ever thought that if Obama is telling the truth about all the scandals and that he and his team were really unaware of what was going on in the levels beneath them; what would that say for this administration? The president must be aware and in control of those who work for him. So either he is doing a bad job because of the scandals of which he was aware and did nothing, or he is doing a bad job because he is not in control.

I'm glad I'm not in his shoes.

I suggest we pray that he feels true guilt, repents and turns this country around.

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