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Traditions are not always good, but this is one I really appreciate...and I've never actually taken part in it.  At our daughter, Chelle's, church each Easter Sunday, they have a large cross for which people bring flowers and decorate it.  It is a lovely sentiment, a meaningful remembrance of the gift of life that our Savior gave us when he died and rose from the grave to conquer death and give us life eternal.

Our country has traditionally been a Christian one...however sin has become so rampant that it doesn't  look so Christian anymore. It sometimes looks quite evil. Those who would like to see Christianity destroyed say it is not a Christian nation.

Tonight I'll post my final  list from

Liberal Logic 101

 which you can find with pictures at

When Scott Lively politely disagrees with homosexual activists it is considered a Hate Crime. And I quote him: "We should not, however, discriminate against persons who define themselves as homosexuals"  But when Dan Savage calls Christians vile and disgusting names he is given a speech. And I quote him,"I wish the Republicans were all f***ing dead"

Trees have souls, but unborn babies are just blobs of tissue.

Absolutely nothing from Barak Obama's past is relevant including his heavy use of illegal drugs, but absolutely EVERYTHING from Mitt Romney's past is relevant.

George Soros (net worth $22 billion) is RICH, Al Gore (net worth $100 million) is RICH, John Kerry (net worth $231 million) is RICH, John Edwards (net worth $55.5 million) is RICH, Oprah Winfrey (net worth $2.7 billion) is RICH and Mitt Romney (net worth $230 million) is OBSCENELY RICH.

Jaron Holliday is home schooled, a devout Christian, an accomplished musician, a US Army Corporal and died at 21 defending his country.

Trayvon Martin is a drug user, a thief, was kicked out of school twice and died at 17 assaulting a neighborhood -watch volunteer. Guess which one Obama thinks would look like his son. Guess which one liberals think is typical of black people.

While Bill Clinton said "I never had sex with that woman", Al Gore said "I invented the internet.", and Barack Obama said, "I killed Osama bin Laden"  the typical liberal says "You can't trust Republicans because they lie."

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