Sunday, August 28, 2011

Round and Round He Goes

The title would be better if Caleb were actually on a Merry -Go-Round.  However, I doubt if he could have liked it any better. It was big fun for him to get up on that lion and sit there. Oh the sweet innocence of little children.  No wonder Jesus loves the little children.  They are precious.

Looking at these pictures and remembering our day at the zoo in July makes me joyful and I've already been on the 'mountain top ' today.  It has been a glorious day.

We are so very blessed in our church.  We have a young, vibrant, enthusiastic preacher with teaching skills like I've not seen before. It is downright exciting to go to church these days.  Today we were blessed to witness the baptism of an 81 year old lady.  Mark who was our pulpit minister and  promoted to family minister, taught and nurtured the lady and today was her glorious day to become a daughter of the one true God.  The God of love and peace.  Praise God.

This evening it was nice to be senior member.  The younger families are taking a leading role now and we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. They threw a big party they called Generations.  It had a Hawaiian theme and was VERY entertaining.  It topped off the day quite well.

When we got home tonight, we got more good news in  my inbox.  It's almost like Christmas.  If I had known today would be this grand, I would not have been able to sleep last night in anticipation.

There was a lot of good news today.  Some that I'll probably write about later in the week.

Our world  could be collapsing around us, but we have an island of peace.  Thank you, Lord.

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