Friday, August 26, 2011

Her Name is America

Who could resist buying ice cream for this little guy?  Actually, Ron can't resist the ice cream shop when we are out in the boat.  He has to navigate the pontoon through a very narrow passage, tie up to a tree stump along the water's edge, make his way up the bank to the road, cross that busy highway and carry the treats back across the road and carefully make his way down the bank of the river on big rocks, then jump on to the boat.  But after is our favorite  thing to do around here on a hot day.  Caleb is really pleased that his grandpa just can't help himself.

I received this pray request today in an email from a friend.  Perhaps you would like to pray as well.

I have a special prayer request to pass along.  There's a lady I've known forever.  She's very sick.  On top of that, she's being abused by those to whom she has given everything.  Lies about her abound, and seem to come from all sides.  Just breaks my heart.  Seems there's nothing I can do alone but maybe, if we join together in prayer and lift her up, she will get better and survive.  She's well over 200 years old, but way too young to die.  Her name is America... and I love her.

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