Friday, August 19, 2011

Bridge Over Akron

Sometimes I just like to have fun.  Tonight  I was in the mood to make something creative. I found a picture of Beth and Caleb that was taken at the Akron Zoo while they were visiting Ohio in July.
I decided since that wasn't very exciting (it was just over a small gully) to put it over the city of Akron.  Much better.  And it was fun to make as well. Oh I really get a kick out of PSE...Photoshop Elements.

And now my opinion about our  president who has gotten even more creative recently, since his numbers in the polls are so bad.  He just made an end run around Congress and the voters by resorting to implement his amnesty via an executive fiat.  Not good!  We did not appoint him king! But what will we do about it?  Will we continue to let him run above the law?  

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