Wednesday, May 27, 2020

High School Graduation

I haven't added a post to this blog in too long and it is not working right for me. I hope I can get it to work. On  Monday the 18th, our grandchildren, who are triplets, graduated from high school. It was
much less than we had hoped. We had even planned to drive down to TN to attend, but due to the  Pandemic, the regular graduation didn't take place.  It was simply and drive through to pick up diplomas and a congratulation. This would have been bad  enough it  these kids were not some of the best in the class and  honor students.  Aussie was even the Valedictorian!  His graduation speech was broadcast over the radio.

Well we are still proud of them, just sad they didn't get the limelight they so deserved.  Now we are in prayer that all goes  well for their first year of college. The way things are being controlled by power hungry politicians, we don't know if we will be back to freedom by September.

One would think I would be able to do this blog thing easier than ever during this pandemic, while we are pretty much kept at home. Many are crying they don't have anything to do, or they are cleaning  their homes, decluttering, etc. I have not felt any of that. I am busy all day long, every day, but I've slowed down in my old age, that has hit me hard. It takes me forever to do the slightest things.
And oh!  I've been trying  to come up with ideas of what to eat. I have to find things that we both, Ron and I want to eat. That is hard enough, but coming up with two meals EVERY day has really gotten  to me.  I really can't cook to start with. To say it nicely as might be what hell is like.  Oh I know, but  it is really not pleasant at all! Twice recently Ron has gone and picked up dinner. Yipee! We've also picked up lunch a few times.

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