Monday, May 18, 2020

Big Day

This has been a big day in our lives.  Our triplet grandchildren graduated high school with a drive though graduation. Their car was decorated very well, the caps and gowns arrived just fine, they drove though three times, so that each one could get his/her own honor.

It was less that the best to be sure since they were all top students, and Aussie is the Valedictorian!

In spite of the weather, which  did not cooperate and washed off some of the paint and blew away some balloons, It was a good day.

While that was happening in TN, we have little ones in CO who were learning as well. Oliver who has been  working at riding a bicycle for some  time, got the hang of it yesterday and showed off for some video. Of course, then Julia, who just turned 4 in March, decided if Oliver could ride one, she could as well. So she had her training wheels removed and rode down the street with Oliver! There is no holding that girl back.  It is great for them  to have  riding partners. They are happy.

Now for the the layout  I made today of pictures I got earlier today.  Oliver recently wrote what  he called a poem, where he used the letters of his name  to spell out a description of himself and what he likes. He did a great job...You will like this:

As  I wrote on the layout: Oliver did well on this assignment. He described himself in this clever way! These photos are so very cute, I had to make one into a poster. You may have trouble seeing
his paper. This is it:

O Orange
L ove Anumals
I nquisitive
V enus
E xercise
R ide scooter 

He wrote this a few days before he rode his bike for the first time.

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