Thursday, May 24, 2012

Visiting Long Beach

It was great getting to see Mark again. It had been more than a year.  We are really happy that he has the warm weather and can get outdoors all year long, even though it keeps him from us. It is a much more comfortable temperature than Ohio on the average. It was beautiful while we were there the last of April, first of May.  However, I am cold natured and often find it too cool for me  because of the breeze off the Pacific.

In the news...I hate to even do this part these days. It can be pretty depressing.  Of course if we do manage to ignore these things, they will only get worse.  We must vote to overturn the grasp these liberal spenders have on our throats.

Please watch this newscast to see how illegal immigrants are submitting fraudulent tax returns and getting LOTS of money out of our pockets... while we continue to make less and pay higher costs. Watch it here.

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