Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cannonsburgh Bridge

I'm always a little surprised when I get excited about a mill.  After all, I've never needed a mill. I never buy newly milled grain. I probably should, but I'm satisfied with Pillsbury all purpose flour and don't even use it often. Yet, mills just give me a warm feeling., I guess it is my appreciation for the past when our forefathers and mothers worked so hard day to day preparing everything they needed to sustain life.  But of course, what I like  best about the layout is our triplet grandchildren, who sometimes work very hard to avoid real work. 

 Don't we all now? It is the way of life for many of us.  Hard physical labor has to be done, but few are willing to do it. That is the that I'm not willing tonight to address. But think about it. If we send all our children to college thinking they will be better off with a degree...who will do those laborious jobs that must be done? 

We are making a big mistake by thinking that everyone would be more productive, happy, etc sitting behind a desk. It isn't necessarily   so.  There is satisfaction in  a job well done...any job. We still need masons, plumbers, seamstresses, cobblers, carpenters, etc. That is  honest work for those who can feel good about providing what we need.

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