Sunday, May 20, 2012

Talk or Eat, That is the Question

Some people eat slowly so they can talk, some talk instead of eating, and some of us eat fast, so we can talk later.  But Caleb prefers to just eat.  Or at least that seems like his intentions.  Because when he is finished, he is ready to go.

While Ron and John were still talking, Beth, Caleb and I ended up out on the street to watch the train go through town.  It is a pretty strange phenomenon, a railroad runs right down the middle of a main street in the town.  One just has to be very patient because these can be VERY long trains as was the one we watched that day.

I took pictures of Caleb and Beth watching the many cars pass, but somehow lost them.  However, I found a video of this Ft Collins daily event on You Tube. Check it out here.

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