Thursday, May 31, 2012

Height Matters

As I said yesterday, we spent the day at Cedar Point.

Height really matters there. At almost every ride, there is a measuring devise to see how tall each person is. But most of all, at the entrance is one as well.  Anyone over a certain height has to pay an adult fair. So the triplets, even though they are not yet 10  and not particularly tall, had to pay full price, because they are over 48 inches tall. Those tickets would have been $52 each.  However we did not see fit to pay that much if we could help it.  So we drove a little way to the AAA to buy our passes. The price there for an adult ticket was $40.  That was bad enough, when we were expecting to pay the children's fare of $27.

I think the triplets got the money's worth though.  They had not ridden on  rides other than those for younger children before and they really got into it.  For example, they were riding things over and the Calypso. Even though I lost count, I know those triplets rode it at least 4 times.

It was  a perfect day for the park. Primary and secondary schools for the most part were still in session, making the lines short to none, with no need to buy a fast pass.  The weather was quite wonderful with sunny skies and a temperature in the low 70's.  You just couldn't beat it.

We were impressed as well by the food at lunch.  We avoided Johnny Rockets because there was a short line. We chose instead a place called Game Day. While the children ordered chicken nuggets, all of the adults chose Philly steak sandwiches.  I've never had a better one.  They were large and scrumptious.  The fries were just right as well. And the price was reasonable.

We stayed until 'closing time' at 8:00.  However, I understand if we had remained at the park, we could have seen a show called Luminosity.

The neat thing was...I enjoyed it as much or more than the kids.  I had been wanting to go for several years, but couldn't find anyone my own age who had any desire to do that type of thing.

It was a day well spent.

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