Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Buddy Mason

We have so many pictures of Caleb from our trip that I've neglected others in the family recently.  I hadn't published this page of Mason and the pics were taken Easter Day.   He and his sibling triplets, tickle me with all their witticisms.  And although Mason is literally hugging this tree, I doubt he is a real tree hugger.  We can 'love' our trees without being fanatics.

From the news I gathered today was this good news from Topeka, Kansas.The house and senate in that state have signed a bill which states that courts, administrative agencies or state tribunals cannot base their rulings on any foreign law or legal system that would not grant people the same rights guaranteed by state and US constitutions.  Hallelujah.  That would mean that when the governor signs this, Shariah Law as well as any others that try to inhibit our citizen's  freedom will not be considered in Kansas courts, etc.

In my opinion, this should be enacted in all 50 states, or in all 57 of Obama's states.

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