Thursday, May 10, 2012


Don't ask me what this piece of farm equipment is. I don't know and am not really interested. It is definitely a 'guy' thing.  The 'boys' seemed intrigued.

 I reserve my interest for important stuff like who will be our president and members of Congress after the November election.  No matter what your interest, do not let the press and TV smooze you blind. It is still the economy ...but even more, it is our Christian heritage and beliefs that  are on the line. 

They are claiming 'evolution' for the president who has changed his mind on the issue of gay 'marriage'  so many times and often that you'd think he is a chameleon, changing  to match whatever he is on at the moment. 

But as Christian Americans, we know the definition of marriage and the purpose of it.  There is no way gays can be 'married' to each other. Marriage is between a man and a woman. 

We do not involve ourselves with what they do. It is really none of our business what they do in the privacy of their civil unions.  We won't try to encroach on their ground and they should leave us alone as well.

Marriage or civil union...the choice is obvious by to whom ones joins himself.

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