Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rescue America

This is what we did on April 15th,  Tax Day.  We went to a Tea Party rally . It is always uplifting to meet all the really nice people at these events. Good manners are everywhere, cheerful smiles are all around and good old patriotism. It just makes me happy to know that the whole world has not gone selfishly crazy.

Of course, today it was a different story where those who don't realize that all they need to do is vote in conservatives and the economy will correct itself and we can all enjoy prosperous times again.  Yes, trickle down works.  Those who have money buy things that others get paid to make and use services that others provide.  It really isn't complicated.

The young people who have been indoctrinated by socialist news organizations and socialist school teachers are blinded to the truth.  The only way they know to get something they want is to take it from someone else. That's what we saw today in the streets of some of our big cities...selfishness personified.

May God provide an answer to this mess in which we find ourselves. Actually, He has. If we turn from our wicked ways and follow Him, He will save our country.  There just isn't any other quick  fix.

  Love of self is a sin that keeps us from respecting others. We need to turn from it and to God.

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