Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's About that Time

It's a winding down period before bed. Caleb and Grampa had a long day and they both needed to sleep.  Grampa is used to taking a nap and that wasn't in the plan that day.  

It seems like it has been a long day here as well.  Although, it is only 11:00, I'm tired.  Must be getting old.
Maybe just looking at them so peaceful makes me sleepy as well.

Actually, I may have fallen asleep. I hope I'm having a nightmare.  This can't be true in our America.
A public school , PS 368, in New York city will begin next school year to require ALL the students , grades 2 through 5, to learn Arabic!   Foreign language study is great. It is a good discipline and useful.  But ARABIC!!!! Preposterous. What would you do if your child was enrolled in that school?  

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