Saturday, August 31, 2019

24 Hour Vacation

Frontier Airlines recently offered free flights for anyone with the last name Green or Greene. What a deal. One could go anywhere and back on Frontier. Our daughter and her family jumped on the offer and after ruling out many places, they chose a place they had not been...Colorado.  Since school was in session and they couldn't go on the weekend, they chose to go and return from Tennessee on the same day.  They used it as  an opportunity to visit a college and  to see  the Garden of the Gods.

I had planned to put 4 layouts on the post, but for some reason  I was able  to convert this page to web size with my ImageWell app. However, it  went hooey when I tried to reduce the size of the next layout. That has never happened before and it is completely discombobulating to me. My computer is
an enigma to me.  Guess I need to call in my computer guy husband! But that will have to be later when he has the time. So maybe tomorrow you will get to see more about this memorable time.

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