Saturday, December 14, 2019

Life Group Dinner

It  is wonderful when friends can get together and study the word of God. We learn a lot and we bond.  Part of our evening is given to eating and talking about what is on our minds. We have a lot in common, so there is always very interesting conversation, many times about the news.

As you can see our meals served casually on Corelle dishes.The food is simple, or I should say simply great. Each person volunteers to bring something for the dinner and it always ends up very tasty. This time you can see the entree was baked rigatoni. We had salad and fruit and Italian bread. So good, and I didn't even get a shot of the dessert. It was delicious as well.

The following is what is written on the layout itself:

Almost Every Tuesday night our
life group meets at  our house.
We meet and eat and discuss the
latest news before we study God’s
word together.
We are more than friends, we are
brothers and sisters in the Lord
and we truly love one another.
Everyone brings something to share.
Just look at my plate. And
of course there is desert as well.
I bet you wish you could meet with us.
Well, we do as well, but the house only
holds so many people.
Sorry. Maybe you can start your own
Bible study. 10/29/19

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