Tuesday, July 14, 2020


When they saw all the kayaks on the lakes this year, they decided they wanted some.  We  tried everywhere, but all of them had been sold. It must have been the  Pandemic that brought so many people out.  

Since we couldn't find any to buy,  Ron asked our renter next door if perhaps we could borrow his kayaks. He had three and he was very happy to loan them. 

The first time Caleb went out, he used an adult paddle and it was very difficult. So we went shopping to Dick's and he bought his own paddle that adjusted to just the right size.  They had a great time exploring the lakes.

At the top is Julia, who is a very active 4 year old. She spent much of the time the 'boys' were out on the kayaks, dancing all around  our yard. She spotted  them quickly on their way back here and ran to meet them.

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