Wednesday, October 21, 2020

I often read ‘personal’ stories on FaceBook. Today, I want to tell one of my own. The fact is that I would not be here. I would not be alive if... After my grandmother had five children, she was told by her doctor if she ever gave birth again it would kill her. Then she had my Uncle Clarence, a child of God. My grandmother had problems, but she lived. She had been warned. Later she found herself pregnant again. Yes she knew, but she loved her children. They were blessings. When my mother was born, grandmother died. Her husband was able to take care of the remaining children, but a neighbor took my mother in and raised her along with her own children. My mother was a wonderful lady who was a great mother to me. I was raised to love the Lord and to keep his commandments and number 6 is, 'Do not murder.' If my grandmother had ‘aborted’ my mother, I would not been here today, my God loving children would not be alive today, my sweet grandchildren would not be alive today. One abortion has consequences way beyond the health or inconvenience of one woman.

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