Monday, February 15, 2021

It is not easy to have a birthday near Christmas. There is so much going on and you get all your gifts in December. One of our granddaughters has her birthday right after Christmas. Her parents always took her on a trip for her birthday. That was something different. I liked to celebrate those children on their 1/2 birthday during the summer. Mason's friend's family here has found a good way to celebrate his birthday. They took a group to an Escape Game near them. It is not the first time Mason has done one. Some years ago, I took them to one here in OH and we worked together quite well to solve it. I've often wanted to do another one, but just haven't. Of course now, I no longer have a desire to do that, but it is so good to see the 'kids' enjoy themselves like this. After writing all of this, I realized that these are not pictures from the birthday party. That was in January. It was just another good weekend. I have more pictures to work with later for the birthday.

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